Digital Watches

Is anyone into digital watches? I have recently started get into digital watches. I have found that some of the things that draw me to certain pencils also draws me to certain watches. This one for instance that I just ordered has elements of a smash and I also got a boxy vibe.


I am a huge huge fan of retro Casio digital watches. They’re pretty darn cheap too.

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I just recently started wearing an Apple Watch as a safety mechanism but I still wear a Casio on my other wrist.

Yes two watches.

Apple Watch just looks so lame.

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I have my Apple Watch and it was distracting me so that is what prompted the switch. I picked up this one, two AE-1200s, W-800H, and another one that I’m not sure the number but it looked like the basic classic Casio watch. I like the bigger more square watches but non G-Shock. I’ve been trying to look for ones similar to this one that just look more visually appealing. I might have to look into vintage models and see if something catches my eye.

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I might be crazy but I’m sitting here thinking this one is sexy and would pair nicely with a pencil :rofl:


This is a nice one. I have maybe 20 ani-digital Casio watches. Somehow collecting them did not end up on my list that as one of my collections.

It all started with an AWX-10.

I only have 5 now I think, but I’m finding myself looking a lot lately to get more. Some of the data banks are super cool. I’m not familiar with that one I’ll have to check it out. My first was the AE1200WH.

That is a cool one. Vintage Casio watches can a deep hole to fall into. Even if you try to limit yourself to a sub-sub-sub niche there is so much. Don’t step in the Film watch or Futurist traps. Definately stay away from the
Oceanus. On second thought forget watches completely and you will be able to afford more pencils.

I went down a twin sensor rabbit hole the other night. That led me to Pro Trek, and I then realized that I could buy a lot of pencils for that and grabbed a A500WA instead :rofl:

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