Daily-use accessories and pencils?

What are some of your guys’ essential accessories and pencils that you use daily? As a college student, I typically use a .3 drafting (Orenz Nero) for math and a .5 (Pilot Automac) for notes, and carry a Uni metal case and Tombow mono zero metal eraser. The Uni metal case in particular was a great buy, even higher quality than expected and very fun to play with and look at. While not pencil related, I also carry a Pilot VP for pen-specific tasks. Anyone else have favorite daily use accessories and/or writing instruments?


You have a great trio there – Orenz Nero (0.3 mm), PILOT Automac (0.5 mm), and PILOT VP (nib).

You don’t find the 0.3 mm Orenz Nero scratchy at all? I’d heard some complaints about that, so I went with an 0.5 mm and find it pretty smooth.

How large is your all-metal Uni case? Possible link you can provide?

I’m mostly a home dweller – don’t commute to work, at the moment. So, all of my pencils sit either on my desk or in drawers / boxes. But I do have a small carry sleeve where I stash a few pencils and pen in rotation, that I’ll stash in a travel bag.

My recent EDC pen is a Spoke Roady XL. I also carry an old Fisher Bullet Space pen, because it’s just so incredibly convenient and I’ve no worries about scratching it up (it’s already loaded with wabi sabi).


I do not do much hand written notes any more, just quick things I need to look up, written on a small notepad. Once the sheet is full, I throw it away, as it is not something I need to keep.

At home, I use one of my IJ Instruments PG5 pencils.
In my work bag, I have a 1970 Pentel Scepter Silver Plated that I use all the time.


currently my EDC at work is an IJ Instruments PG5 in brass, or a Drillium, or a Spoke 4 or Spoke 6. I switch them up every few days. For a Pen its a Lamy Safari and for ink I only use Platinum Carbon in black (waterproof too) .

I keep them in a iDream365 hard pencil case.



Looks nice. You note it as a hard case. Is it a mostly stiff material with a touch of flex, or totally hard with just a synthetic fabric overlay, and the zipper part providing a little give?

Its a semi-hard nylon material that is press formed into shape. It’s hard enough to protect your things, but it is a little playable.


I wouldn’t call the Orenz “scratchy” so much as “sharp”, as I do occasionally poke holes in cheaper paper with chiseled lead. However, If you normally write at a slight angle and don’t constantly rotate the pencil to the sharp side of the lead then it should feel normal. Uni metal case is a relatively new release, best price in US is on Jetpens. Dimensions are about 2.4 inches by 1 inch.


Nice! My personal ink is a nice dark-blue by sailor, pretty meh on dry time and is not waterproof but it looks so nice.


Mmm… Nice!

I definitely need to take another trip to Jetpens for some novelty-items digging…

My EDC typically consists of (way too many) pencils, a few pens, plus at least a couple of rulers (15 cm for shorter lines, and 30 cm to trace division lines in my planner), a pair of compasses, a tiny bone folder, and an erasing shield — very useful and very under-appreciated tool…


If you like dark blue inks, you might want to look into PILOT Iroshizuku ink. They’ve crafted probably over 8 different shades of blue ink, among many others nicely done for other colors.