Crocodile grip (note -- nothing biologically related here, haha)

I recently came across this thick heavy-duty clear double-sided tape at a Japanese variety store, sold as “Crocodile Grip” tape. (LINK). It was only $2, so I figured it was worth a shot. This is like poster tack on steroids. Instead of having a mounting job in mind, the “grip” part of the name got me thinking… could this provide necessary grip to unscrew a stuck pen?

I used a multi-inch segment of this double-sided tape and it gave me enough grip for sufficient torque to break adhesion of some corroded steel screw threads.

Amazon Japan has this “Crocodile Grip” tape listed, but can’t get it shipped to the USA without a proxy (adding costs). I’d not seen it in hardware stores or at Target / Staples / Office Max. I found it as DAISO, a Japanese store.

On Amazon USA, you can find the equivalent HERE.