Corter Knife Blade Holder 🎁

I have a birthday coming up and I’m planning on treating myself to a Corter Knife Blade Holder exacto knife.

I pretty much use an exacto knife everyday and have never ventured into acquiring something a bit more bougie and refined.

Can’t wait to give it a try.


Quick question: have you ever considered working with scalpel blades & handles rather than X-Acto knives?

I know some people in various crafts prefer non-sterile surgical blades paired with the wide range of handles available — e.g. from Swann–Morton, or Braun–Æsculap — also to tame the fatigue from long working shifts.

Finally, but this is very niche and I think it only works with leather, there is this weird combination of the “Kobito” knife handle (Braun HM111R) with its butterfly-lock closing mechanism, which works together with long spare blades that can be sharpened on a strop or on a stone. This is the handle HM111R ~ EINSPANNGRIFF F.KOBITO ZUSCHNEIDEMESSER ~ – BIQ Shop, and here you can see it in action: