Collection of Damdeok, the Korean

If you translate what he says on the tweet, that safety one seems to be a prototype or something else, not a 1st edition. He says that the number of rows is different from the 0.3 and 0.5 and that the hardness window has HB (1st edition only has H and 2H) so it’s probably a later model (0.3 HB didn’t exist at the mechanica release).


It’s probably a combination of several.

I need to see a picture of the grip disassembled and the cleaner pin to confirm.
If it has a short cleaner pin, it’s probably a FIRST or early model.
If you can post a picture of the metal device inside the grip, I can confirm.

Here is a picture of the first model.


This is correct, I took the grip out and the “dome” mechanism is the same as that latter version you posted, the grip itself is from a 1st version and clip, lead hardness indicator and pin are from that later version.


Did someone print the Notes page on the Mechanica? That URL is now dead.