Collection images?

Hi. New to “collecting” MPs, but have been a MP enthusiast since college.

I enjoy looking at MPs that are new to me from the collection images people post on Facebook and Reddit sub, but this would be a great venue for something like this?

On a side note are any of you aware of a MP coffee table style book? That would be awesome. My cursory google searches are too broad apparently.



Welcome to the forums!

We’re happy to admire anything you’d love to share from your collection :grin:

And I dig the idea of a coffee table book—pencils are the perfect subject for hundreds of interesting photographs.

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Well if you print out the latest public version of my Pentel Pencil Identification Book (New Pentel Project – Nimrodd's Blog), it would be coffee table sized at 472 pages.


At 472 pages, I’m just gonna use the Pentel guide as the table itself :joy: