Clip Art: Punched Edition

My writing combo for this week consists of a bunch of design that all feature clips with punched holes.

• Pilot Laureate LY-50R rollerball. This is the counterpart to the HY-50R ‘cap action’ Sharpen. The caps are interchangeable between the pen and the pencil.

• Pente Tuff QE5 0.5mm, aka Quick Erase II

• Montblanc Carrera 590 ballpoint from 1971. I loved that Montblanc used to be so much more creative. This design seems to be inspired by the sports steering wheel on the classic Porsche Carrera. There is a MP model as well but I haven’t gotten lucky yet.

• Pilot Sharpen HY-50R 0.5mm. I mixed and matched a black cap and a red lower to sort of mirror the look of the Carrera. Would have been better if the yellow model of the Sharpen was closer to the Carrera’s orange.