Cartier Must pencil in briar pattern

Maybe it is the first Cartier on this site?
I know it is not a normal type here. It cannot be knocked directly. Twist the top to knock indirectly and propel the 0.7mm lead.


I have an old Cartier Must ballpoint in a polished steel body. Deployment is done by twisting the rear. Light detents, but good friction. So seems logical that this is a twist as well. Spring loaded? Or continuous rotation?

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It is not a continuous type. I like Cartier Must ballpoint steel too :smiley:

What is twisted here? Only the “push” knob or does the clip rotate, too? Either seems not unproblematic to me (the first uncomfortable, and the second could scratch the barrel?) …

You can only twist the shiny plain knob clockwise to propel the lead.
The knob could not be pushed. The clip stays put and it doesn’t rotate.

BTW, I will feel uncomfortable if the clip scratches the barrel too. :persevere: