Can't find the cap - did someone say that they got a replacement?

I lost the eraser cap - did someone say that Rotring customer service hooked them up with a new one? Any tips on how to contact?

Thanks, sorry to be such a dork…

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Mixed info. Some say rOtring has mailed replacements, but others say you have to pay for them. In one case, they say you get a 5-pack, for not really much money. Could be a good way to go if you’ve got multiple rOtring pencils.


I just called the US phone line - they say they don’t have them any more. (I see that the post you reference is 2 years old, maybe they ran out in the meantime.)

I literally cut open the vacuum cleaner bag last night to see if it was in there. Damn.

I tried the email contact form just now. Maybe that’s The Magic Portal.

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Also: AliExpress Redcircle rOtring knockoff is quite a good deal. All brass mechanism. Knurling a little weak, otherwise very good overall.


Cool! Glad to hear the eraser cap was recovered.

Yeah, I have one of those Redcircle rOtring 600 knockoffs. It IS all brass, but I find the mechanism a bit mushy and generally feeds too much lead. But for the price, it’s not bad.

I have a love-hate relationship with r600 clones. I can accept a brand that rebrands a generic clone with an inferior mechanism, e.g. Scrikss, Pacific Arc, Tomato. This because any iconic design gets copied eventually. I just expect the cloner to exercise a bit of ownership with the naming.

However, I can’t accept a brand that imitates both the form AND the name. In this case, RedCircle is where I drew the line. It just felt wrong to me.


When I bought my Redcircle pencils, it was maybe 5 years ago. Possibly more. I picked up a 0.9 mm and a 2.0 mm. The 0.9 mm pushes a bit too much lead per click and it’s not even a click… what I’d call “mushy.” The 2.0 mm is better. I think I paid no more than $5 USD for each. I figured it was cheap enough to check out.

The original packaging looked like they were trying too hard to copy rOtring. Even with the white sticker on the box end. Same font and everything. It’s one thing to make a semi-clone, but yeah–they were trying too hard to make exact copies. And yeah, “Red Circle” versus “Red Ring” is way too close.

Comparing my original to the current production, it looks like Redcircle has made some very minor changes. But the price has certainly gone up. It’s now $9 for black and silver, $11 for gold. I have to wonder if the mechanism has gotten any better.

Anyway, this brand remains rather obscure. Amazon won’t permit them to be sold on the platform. A few AliExpress stores have them. I don’t know if Taobao or other Pacific Rim targeted platforms/stores have them.

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I can definitely see the objection to the “Ro1ex watch”-style branding. They DO at least have the all-brass mechanism as a bit of an effort at an upgrade and honestly I don’t notice the excess lead issue - maybe they read your comments and improved that, the comments still show up since the times you made them years ago, so it’s possible.

I paid some sort of 1st-time promo price around $5 for the first one in black. I then went back (all on AliExpress) and ordered a silver @ $8 and a gold @ $9. I wanted to try sanding the gold finish off like I’ve seen others do to expose all-brass which was especially attractive given the price and the fact I like the pencil in its other respects. I have time on my hands and brown scotchbrite pads in abundance so…
I’ll throw up a before & after once I do it.