BOXY Files: the ‘BMC’ rocket

Nothing like a BOXY case to store BOXY goods. This one screams: BX FROM LA… which I thought had the same energy as the quartet of ‘BMC’ multipens and matching ‘BD’ erasers.

Everything fits just nice in the transporter / case…

Before I ever found out the model number, I only knew them as the ‘BMC rocket’ because of the markings and the space shuttle inspired shape. I found the model number on the Stationery Meet blog: M5-527… and surprise! There is a (earlier?) version without the BMC lettering.

The erasers were a chance find and I picked them up because of the parallel color scheme. ‘BD’ stood for ‘BOXY Design’, while ‘BMC’ stood for ‘BOXY Members Club’. Now this source is a true BOXY enthusiast! He(?) actually categorized the many BOXY sub-brands under the different eras defined by the logo styling. (I am working to translate this for easier reference…)

The silliest part of the whole affair has to be the two puny D1 pen inserts that slot into the left and right side nacelles of the BMC. They are impractical, impossible to hold… and… totally in character for BOXY as a fun-first brand. I have a feeling the designers simply slapped those D1s in on a whim to justify the rocket ship silhouette to the bean counters.

Here they are for a final line up. I doubt I will want to track down the non-BMC version. On to the next BOXY objective!

Edited for sources.


Boxy member club – no chance I ever guessed that :smiley:
Cool that you have all colors! And yes, the multi pen part is in the end quite silly :upside_down_face: