Bigraph (state of collection)

While I was looking for certain Staedtler pencils (which I haven’t found yet), I came across my bigraph pencils and made another update photo (I already have one of them ).

So that’s the SOBC (state of bigraph collection)

The Supers (S and T) are a strict family, while the Standards (S, T and TS) are quite different. The Standard TS was manufactured by Pentel (there is an imprint on the clip), the Standard S has “Germany” on the clip (Staedtler?). The Standard T looks kind of Pentelish – but that’s only feeling.

Concerning completeness: I have no idea. Probably there is a Standard TS-03, too … And a Standard 07T?

Concerning age: Later than 1990, since on the Standard TS box is a recycling logo existing since 1990.


I see a striking resemblance with the Pentel PG305 — there is an upgraded version, the PG505 “Graphlet”, but I doubt Bigraph assimilated that one as well.

Could even be Pilot-esque; besides, I have a Mitshu-Bishi “303” Uni 0.5 with a very similar form factor (pictures soon), but I think the metal tip is slightly different.

Nestler perhaps… See here, for instance: Looking for info on H-58x and H-108x models - #16 by Leonov (apart from the colour, and the clip of course — but mine has been removed — the number of similarities seems pretty high).


Do you LIKE these pencils? Is their quality something worth obtaining?

Any time I’ve seen them, for some reason they’ve made me pull away…. Like they tried, but never succeeded…. If that makes sense

Bigraph is one of those brands that always just slipped out of my immediate attention. I think it has to do with the general aesthetics. When an obscure brand has an interesting design, my instinct is to get it first and learn more later. e.g. Nestler, Rambold, Morison, Gakken, WeCle, etc… With Bigraph, I haven’t quite found a single model that really tickled my fancy. The colorful grips on the Super 0.3 T seems to come closest!

I’ve posted last year about Bigraph, here:

a photo (not mine) with a different body Standard T and a Concrete, which seems to be a cheap plastic bottom of the range thing.

The Standards are… just standard :wink: The TS is only a pentel license.

I actually like the Supers with the coloured grips. I generally like brushed aluminum designs like Faber Castell DS or similar designs by Mitsubishi and others.

Another one