Batch of Recent Pickups

Just some recent purchases that I recently had shipped. The (4) new Tsutaya limited Pentel Smash, (2) of the newer Oren Dual Grip, Kuru Toga Dive, Pentel Smash Ballpoint pen, Tomboy Monotech 0.7 and Pentel P565 Popeye.


Great scores! I am dying to get the pink and teal Smash.

That Popeye piece is fantastic. I’m obsessed with those and the Disney ones. Those hold a special place in my collection.

You don’t see the Popeye/Disney pencils very often. I had never seen one for over 20 years of collecting. Since then I’ve been able to purchase about 20 of them. Mostly Popeyes.


That is Pink and SkyBlue. Time to dust off your Pantone chart.