Bargain Sale - 250 Pencils

Time for me to get serious about moving significant numbers of pencils. Previously I have been selling at what I feel was “fair” pricing, but now it’s time to have a sale. So, check the spreadsheet, make an offer at “good bargain” pricing - not “rip-off” or “fire sale” prices and let’s see if we can reach a deal.

Because of postage costs I’d suggest you need to have a minimum budget of US$75, certainly not less than $50.
Probably best if you ask questions, etc by email -


Hmmm, is the link working? It’s confusing me :slight_smile:

It gave me a prompt asking me to request access, now I can see the spreadsheet normally.

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I think I have fixed that so anyone with the link should now have access


I’ve sent you a mail, Dave :+1:

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@Kiwi-d, I sent you an email; thank you for this opportunity. Regards!

I have updated the spreadsheet to remove recent sales.