Architetto brand

Does anyone have any info on these? Are they as solid as they look? Who manufactured them and where?


Looks like a white-labeled Sun-star drafter from the late 1980s/early 1990s…

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Interesting. I never heard of this brand before. Someone posted about the brand, showing a plastic “P205” style drafting pencil, about 4 years ago. HERE.

And there’s a “Planet Architetto” sold on Amazon Germany.

@Vici81 It might be an Italian ripoff of some other brand pencil, maybe a product of the ARDA brand, or similar companies.

Those of you interested in the pencil can have it for 10 Euro or less here, on Vinted (I’m not affiliated in any way with the seller, just happened to browse the site for stuff while this thread cropped up); the ad says that the eraser is a bit worn out, but the writings on the side look crispier than those in the picture above:


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