Anyone see this variant before?

Here’s a ‘new’ variant of A155 Hot Shot I have never seen before.


I’ve seen these. I don’t have any but they’re not actually Hot Shots but just another A155 version.

Oh and the colors have been mix matched in this photo. (parts swapped for color fun).

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I was wondering about the color swap, except the blue is only on the body and cap, not the tip.

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anyone have a pic showing proper colors?

Most likely it’s just not all the parts eventually distributed in the pic.

Well, I know who won these.

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Knew this was PG1000 before I clicked on it :triumph:

It’s the other way round - PG1000 is the seller (ltvku17447).

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That is not the way I read it. Translation by Twitter
Here is my recent harvest.
Newman’s fixtures and Pentel’s Skeleton Sharp are nice, but other than that, it feels small…
I don’t think there is a very good chance

His harvests are from stationery stores from what I understand. He then resells those on YAJ. I’ve confirmed this via several listings - first he’s posted them on his Twitter and then they have appeared for sale on YAJ.


We need a separate thread connecting twitter users to YAJ and Mercari seller names.


But, but, but … those „skeletons“ don’t have bones!! This is a skeleton Montblanc Anniversary 75 Skeleton - Skeleton Editions , those pentels are just transparent shafts.:face_with_monocle::disguised_face::xray: