Anyone in Germany?

Hello all!

Odd question: Anyone here live in Germany? I am wanting to buy from a site there called Kleinanzeigen. I’m wondering if they are reputable and if anyone has any ideas how I can ship from there to the US. I thought I may need to find an intermediary who is willing to help me out. It’s a relatively cheap auction, but I really want the pencil and I’m happy to pay to get it from Germany to me. Here’s the auction: Druckbleistift pentel QE 407 F USA blau mit Radierer NEU in Niedersachsen - Wedemark | eBay Kleinanzeigen ist jetzt Kleinanzeigen

I appreciate any help/advice anyone might be able to send my way! Best, -Erskine

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I’m in Germany, and have helped facilitate a few sales there. Kleinanzeigen is a classifieds site, rather than a true auction site, so your experience will vary according to the seller. The vast majority of my purchases have been positive.

I checked the link but I’m afraid it’s already been sold. If you see one come up again, you can DM me. Unfortunately it’s rare that sellers will ship internationally, so I would have it shipped to me and then send it on to you. Tracked shipping costs for a few pencils is usually around 20 - 25€ with DHL.


Thanks for the information, Stu! Really appreciate you! -Erskine

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