Anyone here into pocket/folding knives? Kizer is having a killer sale this month--10th Anniversary

No guy is complete without at least one pocket knife. Doesn’t matter how big. Even a tiny pen knife by Victorinox is a valuable tool that comes in super handy. :wink::smile::hocho::dagger:

I really enjoy knives, especially this golden age of artisans and massively improved production out of China, that is bringing forth a dizzying array of choices. It’s mind boggling! You think pens & pencils are a rabbit hole… knives are a whole other hole to get sucked into.

I’m no knife aficionado, but I’ve learned enough to know of some good brands. Kizer is one of those mid-tier brands that is producing some fabulous cutlery. Really well thought out designs and excellent quality. ANYWAY, they’re celebrating a 10th Anniversary and so there’s a sale going on. Some knives are reduced by 50%! Some really nice deals to be had.

Last year when Chicago Cutlery was having a blowout sale of some discontinued Kizer models, I picked up a Wanderer. It’s a gorgeous design that has a “Spydiechef” (Spyderco) vibe about it.

This was a $249 knife and I got it for $85 shipped. The quality is absolutely superb. When you look at reviews online, you can find hundreds of them about Kizer knives, most with positive ratings.


I collected pocket knives for a while. Had 140+ at my highest point. All major bands (Spyderco, Benchmade, ZT, Koenig, etc.). Still have a lot I want to sell. Once you start carrying Shirogorov and Jason Guthrie, it was more a show piece and not a tool. I gave it up because I can’t carry at work and it was messing up my car seats and my jeans.


Shirogorov… yep. Chris Reeves, Jason Guthrie… top end. There’s so many on the high end of knife making, it’s hard to keep track. Isn’t Shirogorov from Russia or Ukraine? I remember one of those guys so highly regarded that they can pretty much sell every knife they put up for sale in mere minutes. Prices are crazy high, but people swear by him.

If I ever get back to the financial comfort I once had, I’ll probably treat myself to a $1k knife. Just to have something super special. About the only unusual knife I have right now is a Spyderco Vrango. Small knife, but super well made. Weird blade shape, but it’s a terrific slicer, especially for tough fruit rinds.

My cheapies get most of the work. They’re just so good for the price. My frequent EDC is a CRKT Squid with micarta scale in D2. It’s almost a comical shape, but it’s SO ergonomic for me.2.25" blade, 2.5 oz, and wide enough for easy grip. Solid lock, with spring bar fully over the tang. Snappy action. Absolute deal for $25 USD. Have a tiny 1.9" D2 pocket knife that tucks easily in a jeans coin pocket, and that is sometimes my only blade. Not slip joint–actually has a liner lock and it’s full & tight.

I really like small knives. I find staying under 3" is so versatile & comfortable. Just bought my first Kansept knife, the Wedge. Super solid 2.5" made with 154CM. Couldn’t pass up the sale.

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I just never used them. The Shiro have great action, super smooth but are usually around 3.5-4” blades I think. The Jason Guthrie is amazing, art. I’ll try to remember to pull some pieces out and post a couple pics this weekend.

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It does feel like 4" is about the upper end for a feasible folder. After that, probably better to go with fixed.

I have just two about that length. The Kizer Wanderer and also a SOG Vulcan Tanto in San Mai and VG10. The Vulcan is an earlier release. The large Vulcan is discontinued. Great knife, though! Feels amazing and the action is so very smooth. Axis-lock style, which is my favorite type.

Yes, that’d be great to see some photos of your collection when you get a chance. Thanks!

For a few years i owned a black Kershaw Breakout. Not nearly as fancy as the knives you’re referring to here, but i found it to be absolutely gorgeous. Sold it before i moved countries, and immediately after that it became discontinued and difficult to find. Paaaaiiiiiin.


This cheap Stanley blade-based Gerber utility knife is one of my favorite pieces of industrial design EVER.