Anyone here has a new STAEDTLER 95 05 nose cone for sale/trade?

Hello. I could use a Staedtler 95 05 nose cone to complete a mp — anyone in for a trade?

(since I will probably be selling it afterwards, I can trade it for a nice pencil w/free shipping — e.g. a orenznero 03 NIB)

Also, since I’m kind of green here, let me know if it is okay to post mix sell/trade posts in this section. Thx



Welcome! There’s a section for “Knockology marketplace” where you might get more action.


Thank you! I just corrected it — now in marketplace / misc.


E-mail, they probably have a spare.


Second this, I’ve read several posts from reddit where they got a new spare part after emaling them.


Really?? That would be amazing. I prob would keep the pencil after that.

thanks for the —>TIP<— :see_no_evil:


email sent, graças.

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When I acquired my 925 85 it came with a slightly bent tip, I emailed them on the same day and they sent me a spare they had along with a handwritten note.

I’ve also seen a guy on Reddit that acquired a Marsmatic 700 drafting set (80s), the isograph pens had broken tips, he sent an email, they told him to ship it to them and tell them the cost of shipping so that they could repay him with items from their catalog, he said they didn’t have to do it but they still sent markers and pens after repairing the isograph pens (all free of charge, other than shipping).

They’ve also sent me detailed info on old pencils, scans of vintage catalogs… Best customer support I’ve ever dealt with.

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yeah they had spares online for the 85 some years ago, namely rubbers and tips… But Staedtler just replied to my e-mail. They do not have spares for the 95 — it was all made and put together in Japan for what I could decipher from the message.

No luck at or… :expressionless:

Funny though that Mr. C @ Staedtler Germany told me “STAEDTLER Nippon does not have a production plant, so the pencils were bought in.” which reinforces the idea of Ohhira or Ueda being behind the japanese models. This was 2005.