Any Ohto experts?

Pictured (top down)






Two questions:

What am I missing?

Can someone tell me the order the pencils were released?

I really like the Promecha and Super Promecha pencils. It’s probably because knurled grips are my preference and I like heavier, tip heavy pencils.



Missing the black Promecha OP-1000 with the rubber grip.

And the Super Promecha PM-1500S with the hex barrel.


Thank you

Do you know if they are released in numerical order?

I know the MS01 is the current model, but have the others been discontinued?

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It’s… complicated. Gimme a moment to take a picture

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OK,nothing fancy – just a quick phone snap.

Between 2003 and 2008, OHTO produced the following, L-R:

• SP-500 FOR DRAWING with black rubber grip
• SP-500M FOR DRAWING with knurled grip
• OP-1000 PROMECHA in black with rubber grip and retractable tip
• OP-1000M PROMECHA with grooved knurled grip and retractable tip
• NBP-1007G needle-point pen with grey rubber grip
• NBP-1007M needle-point pen with grooved knurled grip (not in picture ← I really need to locate this one from one of my other cases)
• FLAT-C NKG-10FA-05 flat-clip actuated pen in black and silver; introduced closer to 2008
• PM-1000S SUPER PROMECHA with round barrel, lead regulator and separately adjustable tip length
• PM-1500S SUPER PROMECHA with hex barrel, lead regulator and separately adjustable tip length

From 2008–2022, the S-series SUPER PROMECHA were replaced by the P series that did away with the separate adjustment for the tip length. L-R:

• SP-500P PROMECHA basic line with spiral-cut grip
• OP-1000P PROMECHA with 4 grip rings and retractable tip
• OP-1500P SUPER PROMECHA with hex body, 4 grip rings and the works.
• NBP-507R needle-point pens in silver, black, blue and gold. I replaced the clear silicone grip rings with black ones I got from a hardware store.


Thank you for taking the time to show me that🙏

That was exactly what I was looking for.


The missing NBP-1007M pen from the 2003-8 batch, and the related Conception from 2016, which came in 0.3 and 0.5 in a variety of colorways.


This description is correct about the main product, but you can refer to this for the release year 2004 Ohto
Most of the links in the page are still working, and you can see the changes in the pencil and ballpoint pen section too.


Good catch on the 2004 dates. I also use the Wayback Machine to hunt for catalog changes… but sometimes, I think the caching acts up

What’s interesting about the Flat-C is that the ‘flat clip’ mechanism was OEMd for MUJI as both a gel pen and double knock mechanical pencil. Would have been really interesting to see a Flat-C sharp as well.


It really is a shame OHTO never put out a FLAT-C sharp. After all, they’ve plenty of experience with double-knock designs. I’m sure they wouldn’t have had to reinvent the wheel.

Btw, do you know anything about this pairing? I can’t figure out if this was OEM by OHTO, or if done by a retailer.


The OHTO Promecha 1000M is a pretty nice pencil. I like how it has a control for the lead pipe length, and it’s done by rotating the whole body, instead of at the tip (as on the Platinum Pro-Use 171).

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No tip wobble.

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