Any Ohto experts?

Pictured (top down)






Two questions:

What am I missing?

Can someone tell me the order the pencils were released?

I really like the Promecha and Super Promecha pencils. It’s probably because knurled grips are my preference and I like heavier, tip heavy pencils.



Missing the black Promecha OP-1000 with the rubber grip.

And the Super Promecha PM-1500S with the hex barrel.


Thank you

Do you know if they are released in numerical order?

I know the MS01 is the current model, but have the others been discontinued?

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It’s… complicated. Gimme a moment to take a picture

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OK,nothing fancy – just a quick phone snap.

Between 2003 and 2008, OHTO produced the following, L-R:

• SP-500 FOR DRAWING with black rubber grip
• SP-500M FOR DRAWING with knurled grip
• OP-1000 PROMECHA in black with rubber grip and retractable tip
• OP-1000M PROMECHA with grooved knurled grip and retractable tip
• NBP-1007G needle-point pen with grey rubber grip
• NBP-1007M needle-point pen with grooved knurled grip (not in picture ← I really need to locate this one from one of my other cases)
• FLAT-C NKG-10FA-05 flat-clip actuated pen in black and silver; introduced closer to 2008
• PM-1000S SUPER PROMECHA with round barrel, lead regulator and separately adjustable tip length
• PM-1500S SUPER PROMECHA with hex barrel, lead regulator and separately adjustable tip length

From 2008–2022, the S-series SUPER PROMECHA were replaced by the P series that did away with the separate adjustment for the tip length. L-R:

• SP-500P PROMECHA basic line with spiral-cut grip
• OP-1000P PROMECHA with 4 grip rings and retractable tip
• OP-1500P SUPER PROMECHA with hex body, 4 grip rings and the works.
• NBP-507R needle-point pens in silver, black, blue and gold. I replaced the clear silicone grip rings with black ones I got from a hardware store.


Thank you for taking the time to show me that🙏

That was exactly what I was looking for.

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The missing NBP-1007M pen from the 2003-8 batch, and the related Conception from 2016, which came in 0.3 and 0.5 in a variety of colorways.