Any Military Veterans here?

Army here, enlisted. Field Arty Surveyor and Hovercraft Engineer from '83 to '90


Conscripted in the Singapore Armed Forces. Served 13 years in the reserves as a heliborne Guardsman. Part of my battalion’s 120mm mortar platoon. Started in Hueys, then Super Pumas and finally the Chinook.


Nice array of helos. :helicopter:
I served in the USAF for nearly 5 years (had an extended tour). I finished my computer science BS degree, thanks to CCAF tuition assistance, and almost reenlisted… but was more eager to put my degree to use. My speciality was meteorology. My best and last assignment was providing weather support for Army operations, primarily at a US Army airfield. Very short runway, so only a few small fixed wings could land. Primarily we had UH-1’s, OH-58’s, AH-1’s, and UH-60’s serviced by our airfield, with the occasional CH-47. We had a large CH-53 come by just once in the time I was there. The UH-60 (Blackhawk) was a .lways my favorite.

Fun Fact: The most expensive civilian helicopter in the world thus far is the Airbus H225 Super Puma . $27 million. Notice the model number designation, What Super Puma pilot would be complete without a Pilot H-225 pencil? :sunglasses::joy:


Retired US Army here enlisted 1998-2018. Satellite Communications Operator/Maintainer primarily. Also worked in electronics maintenance, IT Help Desk, and Network Operations Center.


Sounds like you had a fascinating job, if you had a chance to rise above a predictable routine. I take it that the satellites you worked with are a shared US Military resource across all branches? Or does the US Army have its own dedicated satellites exclusively for US Army operations?

I was a Combat Engineer in the Army ‘13-‘22. I did Route Clearance most of my career.