Another lost redditor

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and glad I stumbled across it. I’m an avid user of all writing instruments, and enjoy the company of anyone that appreciates collecting or using pens and pencils. My obsession with mechanical pencils specifically began in high school drafting class. That was back when they offered 4 years of courses, all of which I loved.

Since then I’ve been using, collecting and modifying my pens and pencils as a hobby, and driving my wife and kids nuts with it. Good to meet you all. Although it seems many of you are leaps and bounds beyond my humble collection, I hope I can contribute here from time to time.



Welcome to the community, @deacon76! Great to have you here and thanks for the intro. I also caught the bug back in school.

This is a super friendly place to be. Don’t just lurk, feel free to chime in. No questions are dumb questions and we don’t do the “this has been talked about a million times” thing like other forums do.

I’m in Austin, Texas. :wave:


May i use this opportunity to piggy back off of deacon76’s introduction to do the same?

I had been randomly been checking in here before reddits protest began, now it seems the only place available to share and discuss the almighty Mechanical pencil… Thank you to the creator (apologies for not knowung who that is :/) and eveyone else here who shares and contributes to this forum.

I hadnt realized r/mechanicalpencils was pretty much the first and only place i would use to pass the time on smoke breaks etc. Having a new arena for our hobby is both refreshing and a relief.

Thank you again!


Thanks Hammer! That would be me but it’s all of you that makes this place the best!


Ah! Well congratulations and thank you!

I look forward to a brand new experience surrounded by equally obsessed individuals haha


Hi! I too am new! Hope to see more good stuff on here!