Another delivery

Another delivery from ZenMarket. L to R:
Don Quijote Pentel Smash
Loft Limited Pentel Smash
Pentel Smash Ballpoint
Loft Limited Pentel Smash
(4) Pentel P565 Disney
(2) Pentel Stein P305S

I feel like I’ve been seeing more of the Disney/Popeye P565’s lately. That’ll be a tough set to complete, all characters in all 6 colors.


I am absolutely gaga over the Disney and Popeye p200s. I have a handful of them and they are some of my favorite pieces.

Thanks for sharing.


So you bought the set of Disney pencils. I contemplated it just for the (non-waving) Minnie Mouse.


I contemplated as well, but if the whole set is ever to be complete, gonna have to buy, buy, buy.

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