An interesting edition of Platinum Double Action Pen/Pencil

An interesting edition of Platinum Double Action Pen/Pencil. I guess this player must be very famous in Japan.


I think that’s Japanese home run legend Sadaharu Oh :baseball:


I’m glad I don’t know who that player is else it would stir an old obsession of mine.

Had that been Will Clark I would have offered Pearson’s retirement savings for it. Easily.


I recently received this, and fortunately it also includes a brochure. In the picture below, the first three pages come from the brochure (the rest page is not related to the pen), and the rest pics come from the three instructions in the pen packaging box.


This is the special version of the first generation Platinum Double Action, as a promotional gift for ordering 小4時代 magazines for one year, both were released in 1978. If you want to buy one, use the following search term: 王貞治選手のワンツーペン 旺文社 小4時代 年間予約特典 王選手のサイン入り (instead of プラチナ ダブル アクション, otherwise you will only find the regular edition)

By the way, as far as I know, there are 4 versions of Double Action,
a. Ordinary 1+1 model (both buttons are black)
b. Rare double pencil style (0.9 red+0.5 black, 2 color button)
c. Compared to a, a slightly rare special 1+1 version (2 color button, a special shape for clip, and the text printed on the back of the pen is a signature instead of ‘DOUBLE ACTION’)
d. An inexplicable white button version, you can ignore it

The market price of a and c is very cheap, about 1,000 yen, while b is quite expensive, maybe a couple of thousand yen. I think the most interesting and collectible version is c version. The following are supplementary Internet images, including the instruction of regular version.


@Linus2K You’re a treasure trove of information! Thank you for sharing with us.