Alvin Draft/Matic DM05 disassembly?

I have an Alvin DM05 (newer type with the hidden clip attachment) and it rattles a bit, seemingly in the hardness indicator up top.

I can’t really see how it comes apart - I can unscrew the grip, revealing the clutch & spring. I can remove the top cap and the eraser. I don’t see how to get it any further apart.

Any advice? I like this MP pretty well: nice grip, heavy weight, clean design. If it didn’t rattle I’d like it better!


Is this thing tan, or is the black color washed out by the lighting?



Kind of a putty-grey, not really any brown to it.:person_shrugging:t2:

The hardness indicator is up top between the clip and the knock cap, by the way. It’s turned away from view in this angle.