Alpha-matic lead jam

First post. Got a bottom of the scale alhpa matic arriving in a few days. Buyer was clear that the lead no longer advances, but for the money I couldn’t resist it. I wanted to get advice on how to clear what I hope is a simple lead jam. I can be impatient with these things, so I wanted to get unjamming advice before it arrives and I trash some fine German engineering with my enthusiasm. How would you approach this?


Automatic pencils are an entirely different beast when it comes to lead jams. I don’t know enough about them to know what to tell you to (maybe) fix it, but my gut says this is not a reasonably fixable item.

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I think the first thing you should do is to google for videos on how to disassemble it. Then take clear pictures of the situation inside the cone/lead retainer and the special clutch.


In the world of mechanical pencil collectors, don’t we know anyone who can repair this pencil?

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Maybe this is my moment to learn how

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Is this the eBay listing?

Not necessarily a lead jam… I’ve had a steel TK (9725 L) giving me troubles because the spring was put in first —instead of being put after the clutch goes in— in one of the two sections you can disassemble.

(I never really knew if that was it, to be honest — the also tip seemed a bit stuck and I sprayed it with wd40. When I put everything back together it all seemed to be working… I find the TK a little tricky, not a pencil that I’m comfortable disassembling)



I’ve fixed a few automatic pencils. But there’s been quite a few that have not been fixable as well :slight_smile:
Feel free to reach out once your alpha-matic arrives and we can try to fix it.