Aftermarket knurled grip for Graph 1000 PG105

Ref: ぺんてる グラフ1000 ローレットグリップ仕様 ローレットグリップのみ|Yahoo!フリマ(旧PayPayフリマ)
I love a good MP mod here and there.

I picked this up recently and wanted to share my experience.

Basically, don’t do it! This probably started off as a good idea, but this one in particular is not quite up to par. The knurled grip is shorter than the OEM grip, so they included a band, but its not a complete ring. Instead, you get a piece of aluminum that is bent into a circle.

It all fits together well enough, but now the knurled grip section freely turns on the pencil body.
When I get some time, I’ll check some other pencils in my collection that may be better suited for this conversion.


Lots of tinkerers out there. I’ve seen a lot of tinted cellulose grips for the PG1000. Those cost about 3-4x what you paid for the knurled part.


It now actually looks very similar to a Graph 600, which IMO is a fairly good looking simple drafter.

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