About Hi-Uni Lead Holder Pencil

There are two different type of Hi-Uni Holder.
Is there any information about this pencils?


Image from Cuirassier Total Stationery (South Korean, naver blog)
& mercari japan


I think… the upper one is older, and lower one maybe later.
But… I don’t know the production time.


The first one is older. The shape of the body and the style of knurling seems to be from the same 70s era as the Hi-Pitch Holder M5-50 and M3-50.

The bottom version looks closer in style to the god-tier Hi-Uni 20/305050 series from the mid-80s.


Thanks for reply!
The bottom version’s clip is simillar to Hi-Uni’s clip & m3-1051 clip.
Maybe same clip…?

So… Is there any Hi-Uni Holder in production?
Or… all the Hi-Uni Holder is now discontinued.

Welcome @Raheal !
I do not believe that a Hi-Uni lead holder is being produced, just a uni lead holder nowadays.

I think so too.
Only the Uni Holder MH-500 is producing now.