A vintage style Merry Christmas

I’m not much for vague greetings, so it’s Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this blessed day! I pray for peace as 2023 comes to an end and may 2024 be better for everyone :pray:t2:


Recently recieved a DJ Fugle LeadLok 2mm, and mine unfortunately has a rather scratchy/catchy mechanism. Any soloutions to that? don’t wanna go about spraying WD-40 all willy nilly before getting advice.

If you have the same model here’s how I disassemble it.

  1. Press and hold down the button to extend the clutch. Remove any lead and unscrew it by turning anti clockwise.

2. That will allow you to remove the inner tube and spring. The spring acts against the edge of the button and the inner wall of the grooved end piece.

3. The front and back end pieces can be unscrewed for full disassembly. The button can be unscrewed too.

Then it’s up to you how much cleaning and lubrication you want to do. I only applied a little metal polish to the outer surfaces of the copper? clutch and then used lighter fluid to clean off any excess polish. Then a very light dab of WD40. Avoid getting any oils into the inner tube… it can cause leads to stick to the inner walls and is hell to remove.


Merry Christmas to all (to whom it applies)!
It’s musical Christmas with DJ fugle at the turn tables :smiley: :control_knobs: :musical_note:


Jealous! Have been looking for an Eagle Turquoise or Criterium 2603


Season’s Greetings! Best wishes to everyone here — and the rest of the world…