A Stainless Steel Sharp

Here’s one from my stash: a Pentel Sharp 0.5mm pencil. Also known as the “Middle 5 Deluxe,” this stainless steel writer is an okay pencil.

First image shows you how Pentel sold it in its packaging: a clear rectangular cover carrying the company logo, paper price tag and product description, a pink and black paper holder containing the Middle 5 Deluxe, the bottom black cardboard, and a piece of paper. (Hmm, well I’m wrong in calling just a “piece of paper.” It’s the 1970 One Sheet.)

Second and third pic displays the Sharp outside of packaging and “gutted.” As much as I’d like to give this pencil a good review, it falls short in one area: internal rattling. When jotting down words to your paper, the lead reservoir touches the body near the clip. Later Pentel Sharps (SG, PS535, S55, ect.) do not have this issue. Image four and five shows you what I mean.

(Left: SV5 Right: ML5 Deluxe)


PS: I do not know why the images look weird when using the mobile app. Is there a way to fix that?

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It has the wrong insert in the package. That is the PEL insert.

Did you get this on an auction recently? I noticed one in this package recently.

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Specifically, it is the PEL Stainless Steel.


Didn’t know it has a incorrect insert. I assumed it was the original but I don’t read Japanese. Here’s original listing.

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Yes, that is the auction I saw.

It may be a couple of weeks, as my office is packed for painting next week, but I will try to post the original package picture.

I use Google Translate on my phone to get my Japanese translations. It works pretty good, I think.