A small bunch of Eberhard Faber

One of the side branches of the A.W. Faber-Castell empire, Eberhard Faber made lovely woodcased pencils such as the Van Dyke and legendary Blackwing. But those nuggets are like meaningless before my MP sensibilities. I just love the styling of the markings and lettering that EF used…
• TR 35 marking pen
• Microtomic Van Dyke 608
• Eberhard Faber 612
• Microtomic 614
• Re-Nu Eraser 1020
• BLAK-PRINT 1339 copy pen
• Colorbrite 3110


Thanks for schooling us. “Knowledge is good” - Faber College motto, as seen in the very beginning of Animal House.


The blue one looks phantastic!

EFa also had finelead MPs, but they are not spectacular (at least the ones I know): rt 002 | 2 Eberhard Faber pencils and 2 A. W. Faber-Castells… | Flickr (the 2 left ones). The leftmost one looks very Staedtler-Mars-ish, which is not strange, because Staedtler owned EFa (today it’s [A.W.] Faber-Castell again). In the current product range no MPs are included.