A shower of evergreen Pentels

I had tried to shoot them on my usual powder coated steel work desk but it didn’t come out quite right…


Man the patience for that. One pencil rolls over and then the other, then you have to reposition them. :unamused:

Nevertheless, great picture!


I did use blu tack putty to hold things in place, but the truth is I should have used a tripod to hold my iPhone XR in place… so that I could reposition the pieces at the periphery more accurately without having to reframe the shot afterwards. It was fun for a Saturday afternoon :slight_smile:


I find the first photo really really amazing, in fact I only remember few equally impressing (pencil) photos for me. The sheer number of green Pentels and the continuous “shower” arrangement is remarkable.


I just recently bought a tripod mount phone holder. What a difference! But what I’d really like to get is one that mounts on a harness that hangs off your neck/shoulders, so you can move about and be hands free for setting up the shot while keeping the frame in view.

Btw, what the heck is going on with that one between the Green Pentel Energel pen and the green Kerry? Looks like a wide-mouth double-knock, with a twist-wire style grip… but it looks like the body is separated?

Also, what’s that hexagonal bodied pen (or capped pencil) next to the PG1804?

“…one between the Green Pentel Energel pen and the green Kerry?”
I’m assuming you’re referring to the dark background shot? That’s the BK501 Flexi-ball - a bendable ballpoint designed by Emilio Ambasz. The ribbed middle section flexes. You twist the halves together to expose the pen tip.

The hex pen is a Pentel Taiwan product - the Hexreform in anodised aluminum. It’s a capped EnerGel design.

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Yes, it’s also in the 1st photo – just spotted it. Yes, Emilio Ambasz BK501. Weird… bendable? Why? Just for fidget effect, or some other purpose?

Saw AliExpress carries the BLN665 (Hexreform). Is $21 USD a good price?

Yes, I observed that today professional users often don’t use better cameras, but a gimbal.

The idea of the Flexi-ball is that you could wear it in your front pocket and the pen would bend as you walked, sat down etc. It’s actually pretty good at that.

Hexreform retails for 400 TWD in Taiwan. In Singapore, it was marked up to 26 SGD.

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Interesting. So in Taiwan it’s the equivalent of about $13 USD, but in Singapore it was marked up to about $20 USD. That’s about in line with the lower prices found on AliExpress for free shipping to USA.

I like the design of the hexagonal body with faceted edges (unlike rOtring, which goes for sharp edges). Plus, a nice array of colors offered.