A deeper shade of orange

I’ve been rocking this orange combo all week. The Jetstream x Karimoku 4&1 was from December, and the matte finish was pretty hard to match up. Same for the limited run Pilot Lightive in glossy orange, but I found its match in the classic Technica II.

The 4&1 collab features a wood grip recycled from scrap harvested from Karimoku’s furniture factory. I paired it will the Lamy Safari reissue of the first Terra Red model, and a modified Loft limited Smash that originally came with a gloss metallic orange grip. The ruler and long eraser were impulse buys at my fav local store THINK. The ruler is reversible, with a dark drey scheme on the other side.

As for the Pilot, I really don’t use fountain pens, so it was only purchased because ai could swap the section with the rollerball version from the older Explorer series. Yup. Lightive is just a rebrand of the Explorer… same circular dimple on the cap like a throwback to the classic Hi-Tecpoint disposable rollerball.

And here’s the lot all snug and secure in a Delfonics roll pen case. No rattling, no bumping and scratching. All good :+1:t2:


Rocking some mid-century and/or Aussie outback vibes.

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