300+ Pencils For Sale - Collection Reduction

Hello All
I am drastically reducing my collection. Below is a link to a Google spreadsheet listing the 300+ pencils I am considering selling. I don’t think there’s anything much particularly rare, but maybe an opportunity to complete your colour/size collection, etc. I haven’t priced anything as that’s way too much work at this stage. If you are interested in anything then make a “fair” offer. What’s fair? I often say something like 10-15% less than auction sell because there’s no fees involved so you pay less and I get more… win-win. Including some auction links with your offers would help. For items that are still currently available from retailers then about 75% of retail.

Keep in mind that tracked postage for 1 - 15 pencils is likely to cost about US$20-25. After that it starts to get a fair bit cheaper as the minimum weight parcel charge has likely been reached.

Please email me at davespencils AT gmail.com for any offers, questions, etc.


Dibs on cult pwncil 0.5!!!

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Dibs on the ohto promate 0.3???

Interested in the Bic Quantech.

Ohto super promecha, body knock and piston. DM sent

Please email direct. Do not use the forum DM or Chat.


Howdy. Just a friendly reminder for everyone to make sure to email directly and not use or hit reply on emails directly from the forum as they will not be delivered to Dave.


Hello All. Yes, it appears there have been some cases of people replying to forum emails in their browser and these do not get delivered. Rest assured I have replied to every message I have received. If you haven’t received a reply then I never got your message. Please start again and email me directly, not from the forum, not replying to a forum email, etc. Start afresh with a whole new email.
davespencils at gmail dot com.


Hello. The Scribble is the 07?

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Welcome @ulfesharpe! I think I may have purchased from you on eBay in the past :call_me_hand:t6:

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Hi @pearsonified — thank you… Sorry if I don’t recall you immediately… Do you remember what pencil did you get from me?

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This would have been in late 2021 or early 2022, so unfortunately, I have no idea which pencil(s).

But you’ve definitely caught my attention with your listings since 2021! I think a guy on the sub-reddit purchased a red + transparent Mitsubishi W-knock from you that he rehabbed; that would have been the ultimate piece for me :pensive:

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Ah. The red mitsu went to a German collector if I remember correctly for a much lower price than I had anticipated, but he recurrently bought pencils from me so my margin wasn’t that great. The W-Knock is probably one of the best double-knocks they made in the 70s… From that time I only keep a Colleen-Jib WK-1035, but the mechanism isn’t as good as that one in the Mitsubishi, sometimes it stutters.

2021! Ebay doesn’t let me search that far back. I used to keep a spreadsheet with names and addresses and what pencil I sold but I never knew what to do with it (it never felt right), so eventually I stopped doing that.

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