0.3mm automatics?

Other than the Pentel Orenz Nero and the Pilot Automatic, do we know of any other 0.3mm automatics?

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I didn’t even know the Pilot Automatic came in a 0.3mm version until last month, so this makes me think there might be an H-5003 out there somewhere, too.

But outside of those pencils, I’m not aware of any other automatic 0.3mms.

Fun follow-up: Is there an automatic 0.4mm pencil? Methinks no. (Yet another reason why 0.4mm is the GOAT.)

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Does fit here only 1%, because it is an automatic … But I didn’t want to open a new thread for it :wink:

Old Porsche Designs (= Faber-Castell at that time) start to increase value, especially the silver version (which is the rarest, but I find the full titan version more interesting & special). Recent auction ended with 660€ Porsche Design 186 W. Germany Metall Mechanical Pencil Feinminenstift Vintage | eBay

It was with box, but with a strange production error. Usually my ebay bids are closer to the end results than at Yahoo, but here I was far off :-o


I have a few PD Classic’s and they’re honestly my favorite auto - with the TK-matic right there next to them. I was in for a little bit on that silver auction, but didn’t care for the defect much and let it go. The last one I saw went for twice what this one ended at.

I also wouldn’t care much about the missprint – I was just wondering how this pencil came in circulation. And yes, the PD classics are one of my favorites, too, and I have quite a few (altho only one silver version) :wink:

I have to look up what my last observed auction ended with … I read, that the original price of the PDs was ridiculously high, at least in the US, but I have never seen price tags.

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Yeah, not sure I’ve seen original prices and not sure I’ve seen very many catalog pages except this one that I got from someone at PD. Notice it’s got what I believe to be the newer generation MP with the alpha-matic style tip instead of the twist-to-reveal TK pipe style.

This page actually tells a lot with one of each finish style and model numbers shown, including the finish names in the fountain pen description.


Cool, thanks for the catalogue page. I always was unsure, if there were different Arc1 versions – it seems that this was not the case. Also I had a wrong imagination of the time line: I thought that first there were the Arc1, and then the cylindrical pencil in 2 versions (automatic and twist reveal) and 3 colors. In fact Arc1 and automatic cylindrical pencil were available at the same time obviously, and the twist reveal was before.

I looked up prices – yes, the last silver PD was >1000€. The one before was about the same (630€) as this one, I think I had that one in mind.

PS In the meantime a new thread for PD would have been better. I didn’t expect more fans here :smiley: