0.3 mm Pentel Kerry?

Is there a way to make a 0.3 mm Pentel Kerry?

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Just a matter of finding a replacement mechanism.
Progstu did something somewhat similar but it’s pretty expensive

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@knowishallnot Thank you for the link. That Kerry is a little odd :wink: Both the mechanism (shortened) and the tip of the P200 fit on the Kerry but the latter looks strange.

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Yes. I made a 0.2 mm.


Here’s my 0.2mm sliding sleeve Kerry.


Hey that’s interesting
How’d you do that

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Great! How did you make it?

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I drilled out the original 0.5mm sleeve and had to do some boring and trimming on the inside of the Kerry’s nose cone to get the 0.2mm sliding sleeve to fit, slide, and sit right. I also did some adjustments to the actual sliding sleeve.

I used parts from an Orenz.

I used very small drill bits and burrs made for fine jewelry to get things fitting right.

It was a lot of trial and error. Maybe I’ll do it again and document the process.


@Knockologist Thank you for these details!

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