Potential Catalog Leads: Staedtler 1969 and 1978?

Dropping a link here for future treasure hunters.

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Anyone knows kanji to ask the dude to send pictures??

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Got some extremely good news for you @pearsonified

First, found out that Dave had actually posted the 1969 one.

Then I used a image to text site to get the kanji from the 1978 catalogue and that sent me down on a YAJ rabbit hole that had these beauties: his “1978” catalog - I think it may be 1976 or 1977 actually; 1969 (Japan); unknown pre-1973; 1978 (Japan); 1988; 1972; unknown pre-1973; more 1969 pages.

Obviously the sellers don’t post images of all pages but at least this gives us a glimpse and maybe someone here could buy them and share pictures here. But for now, I’ve saved all pictures the sellers took.


Wow, fantastic work! It bothers me that people want to sell these catalogs for a middling gain when the contents would benefit the entire collecting community :confounded:

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Loose pic from the 1969 catalogue…