Lucio Rossi Design - pros and cons

Well, what do you know? Mr Rossi has chimed in on my post on Reddit and offered an unofficial Ask Me Anything in the thread. Link:


Hello, I didn’t know this site existed, by the name originally thought that it was a site about knock-offs, and it is not, it’s like the fountain pen network but about pencils. Didn’t know.
I’ve red the whole tread, early pencils had finishing issues. Not anymore, we had to really improve the tooling a lot, they were released short after I decided not to develop any further Venvstas…long story…so you can ask me any question, I’m happy to answer. ! thanx


Welcome to the forum, Lucio! :man_dancing:t2:


thank you !


Ciao, Lucio! I am still curious to see your studio and how some of your pens and pencils are made. Maybe a small peek? :slight_smile:


Hello Kelvin, yes, no problem, one thing I see in twitter and now here is the remark on how expensive the pencils are, at the moment I cannot make them cheaper, but yes I can introduce more machine made ones, not as complicated as the D567 ad D568 series or even the D7, that, eventually will be in teh line with the carbon Tokyo, you can also organize and make a group buy…


you can check out the new model here, called Kyoto (as opposed to the Tokyo series)
For those interested in design Ill be launching an online design course in a couple of weeks.
nevertheless the new pencil “Kyoto” will be the cheapest to date…


It looks like a Doppelgänger for the D87 — everything is so symmetrically inverted. It’s different, but equally charming. And if it pleases the writing hand at least as the D87, it will be a hit for sure.

Very nicely done! I’ll consider pairing my D87 with its siblings, sooner or later… :slight_smile:

Hello Lonov, and thank you for having already a D567, yes it is, TOKYO-KYOTO, not only Kyoto is the most (at , least for me) beautiful city in Japan, the idea behind was to actually make a doppelganger…
The experience will be slightly different, since the Kyoto is 8mm thick on the grip, something many will find better, others not. To me it’s really the same, since I work with pencils too, I usually use two, a prototype from the D7II hot rod and a super carbon, both pencils are 7 and 8mm thick respectably one always with 2B and the other HB. This week we launch KYOTO, I don’t know if it can be posted here, I’ll try to communicate.