What valuable pencils do you see in here? 👀

Here’s the listing; I’m seeing:

  • Mitsubishi Uni Pro Staff 0.3 drafting
  • Mitsubishi BOXY “The Stick” variant in red with lined grip
  • Green Pentel PA5? (Is this just a darker turquoise?)

Y’all see anything else?

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I’m not seeing a green PA5.

Third pic, to the right of the fat turquoise piece…

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Dude, you must have crushed Where’s Waldo books when you were a kid. 🕵🏻‍♂️


He just stands out so much in that striped shirt :sob:

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Clever to put the cheap trash on top of the rest :wink:
Is under the Pro Staff a blue Staedtler 925? Not particularly valuable, but still a solid pencil, maybe in limited color?

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It is, but that’s a ubiquitous color that won’t draw any interest from collectors.