Unknown PSP Clone

A few days ago an auction for a (Kokuyo) PSP clone ended. The seller didn’t know what it is (neither did I – so I didn’t bid) …
But does anybody else here know what it is? https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/g1072656042?conversionType=service_page_search


I think it’s a limited edition advertising Fuji Corona double-knock, kinda like the “Will Return” Tombow Monotech 500.

My sniper bid on this was ¥11,029.

Starting at ¥5,355, I watched it hit 1 minute remaining 5 times (and under 5 minutes a couple other times) before I was finally outbid at ¥11,529.

My worst bad beat ever on YAJ. Some dude smoked about 10 cigarettes and kept pushing that price up and thinking about how bad he really wanted that pencil.

G*d dammit :confounded:


The physical attributes are unmistakably Fuji Corona… I only hesitated because the gold tones felt a bit out of place on a ‘serious’ tool. Had a feeling it would become a shelf queen if it ended in my hands, so I didn’t bid.

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But there is no sign of FC? And the clip part of #205 looks a bit different? P1060116 | FujiCorona pencils | 2nd_astronaut | Flickr

Some days ago there were 2 auctions on Ohhira PSP clones, so there are more possibilities? And who produced all those: Fuji or Kokuyo? There are more FC-Kokuyo twins …


I’ve always thought either Ohirra or Fuji Corona were the manufacturers of these pencils, and Kokuyo (and others) simply white-labeled them…

Hmm, ok, I don’t know. But what I know now is, that I was ignorant about Ohhira … I thought it is just an obscure brand name, but it is a full-blown producer About Us|OHHIRA Co., Ltd


Nice! The list of clients is pretty long. That makes me think Ohhira is the real OEM, not Fuji Corona or Kokuyo.