Totu mechanical pencils? ⚙️ ✏️

Does anyone have any information about the brand Totu? This piece is speaking to me.

As far as I can tell, Totu is simply a Pentel knock-off. The pencil you highlighted is gorgeous, and I’m curious about the internals. I suspect they’d seem cheaper than comparable Pentels, as it would have been much easier to gain marketshare by creating desirable exteriors rather than engineering the whole piece.

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They did make some pencils similar to Pentel’s accounting pencils. The labels were clearly similar to Pentel’s if you squit at them a bit. This pencils is nice. A 2000 yen price tag and etching make this eye-catching.

I have a Totu or tu but have not closely examined their internals.


I picked up one of these a few months ago. Because it looked so much like a Pentel, I wanted to see if Pentel was manufacturing these for someone else.

The pencil was significantly different from the build of a Pentel.

I will try to find the pencil and see about posting a side-by-side comparison.