To unbox, or not?

Apologies if this has been previously discussed here…

When you score a highly-desired new old pencil in its original packaging, and the rest of your collection is unboxed, do you take your new acquisition out of said packaging so that you can put it with its friends?


Depend. What pencil is it?

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More of a general question.

I tend to leave them in the box and go for a duplicate that’s already unboxed. My boxed collection is kept completely separate.

I’m prompted by the recent auction of the Pentel PD325 junior quicker clickers.


I leave them in the original packaging


I keep some of them separated in their original boxes, for various reasons, so that the lettering does not deteriorate or to prevent sunlight from washing away the color. I would like to take them out and put them on a display, I think I will do that at some point.


I bought several NOS expensive vintages. I took all of them out of their boxes and also removed their stickers. For me, they are meant to be used. If I wanted to keep them in a box just to look, I would just open the browser and search for their photos. However, for my favorites, I’m waiting for NOS examples to pop-up to buy to have a backup in case one breaks. But each with their habits, I would probably be burned on the cross by several collectors for the stickers I removed.


I take 'em out because they’ve got to end up in The Toolbox™. Only way I’d leave something packaged is if I already had a killer specimen, and the boxed one was an extra.


I take it out of the box. Then I put a post-it note in the box to ID what pencil it belongs too. Then it goes in a shoebox for long term storage

What do you guys do about “packaging” (like blister pack)?


If there’s any way, at all, that I can take the pencil out without damaging the package (namely the seal) I will absolutely do it. I think the whole reason I even buy pencils is to use them, so it somewhat goes against my belief that all pencils should be used. However, in the very niche case that the product is rare enough, I may reconsider or buy a 2nd unboxed copy I can actually use.


If it’s a vintage / hard-to-find MP, I’ll usually aim to get a “user grade” version and then keep the mint in box example stashed away for safe keeping. But most of the vintage examples I get weren’t issued individually in boxes. Usually they came from the brand in a 10pcs or 12pcs box, which were then sold individually. In the case of PILOT, they have a lot of generic plastic hinged display boxes with outer cardboard sleeve, which of course can’t be collapsed.

If it’s a more modern example that came in a cardboard box and I intend on using it, I’ll collapse the box and stash it away. But sometimes that’s hard to do, when a 3D plastic molded piece is involved. Or, the case is a one piece hinged plastic or wooden box. rOtring used to make great plastic boxes for their pens and pencils. They can quickly take up a lot of space!

Some blister packs can be carefully sliced open so you can take out the pencil and replace it later.