This seller is dropping more high-value loot than anyone else I've ever seen

Had to rub my eyes after looking at a few of these listings, which include a freakin H-5005 (which we haven’t seen on YAJ in at least a year).


H-5005 closed on YAJ this past January (2) and in October (1). YJP LINK

That one back in October… was just 571k JPY! A new recent low. The other two this past January went to 1 million JPY.

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I forgot about these from January—I thought they got de-listed.

And am I wrong, or is that October auction from 2017?

Impossible to be 2017. YJP search won’t go back more than 6 months. Auction details show 2022.

As for de-listing, I don’t follow. It shows as closed auctions with winning bidders. If an auction gets canceled, it doesn’t show in history searches. You have to have the auction ID to be able to pull it up.

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Yeah, that seller… loaded pockets! HUGE value of inventory up. I think that we’ll see more of this as some people face financial stresses.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with that H-5005. I still can’t bid that high… just feels so wrong. I would buy an H-5005 for $1,000 USD, but no more.

I do have a very rare white (silver) striped MYU. I would swap one for an H-5005, though. That’s my only way in, but the highest I’ve seen one of those sell for was $4,900 USD.

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Is that the fountain pen MYU?

he seems to confirm what we suspected some time ago … the manufacturer of kokoyu psp5 (and siblings) is ohhira (have not translated anything there yet, my aleado via TOR proxy is nonfunctional again, I hate yahoo).

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I think Ohhira is definitely the manufacturer of this particular double-knock.

And they’re still making these for both Amazon and Blick today.



It was a long wait and a lucky set of circumstances where I got it. Some old pen collector in Canada named “Wood Bin” had 3 of them which he bought from a Japanese eBay seller in the early 2000’s. The seller has listed just one, he won it, then thought to ask the seller if he had more. When he did, he bought those too as an add-on to his first one. That seller was a former PILOT employee. No one else ever sold them on eBay. Just that guy. He had sold 2 via private buyers. This was his last one. Some speculate PILOT made no more than 20 of them. I believe most are in the hands of private collectors.


The one sold by Blick is a double-knock and looks a little different. I prefer the design of the Ohhira.
There’s a BLICK store not that far from me. Going to see if I can check out their premier pencil first hand before buying.

EDIT: Yeah, the Ohhira Fuji Coronoa 205 looks like a double-knock too (thought it might be fixed at first) but with a different grip design.


I’m specifically referring to the internals, which are easily identified by the flat surface with the protruding lead sleeve.

I’ll do a post about this on the subreddit soon, but suffice it to say, every modern double-knock is derived from the Ohhira pictured above (but with different white-labeled components like clips, grips, erasers, end caps, and occasionally, nose cones).

From my perspective, this suggests there’s an opening for a premium modern double-knock in the $50–$100 range that doesn’t use these same components.

I think a simple, well-designed stainless steel double-knock would slay. And this seems more attainable for a small specialty shop than a large company that has other concerns like existing components, manufacturing costs, lineup considerations, etc.

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I bought a Blick Premier recently, and while I think it’s better than the Amazon Originals double-knock, it’s still disappointing:

  • The knurling is poor
  • The clip is a generic one used on cheap pencils for the last 15 years (The Koh-i-noor Mephisto—a pencil comprised entirely of open-source parts—uses this same clip.)
  • The double-knock action is accompanied by a bit of friction that just feels unrefined. While not as noticeable as the friction on the Amazon Originals double-knock, the Blick Premier fails to evoke an elevated status.

Time to ring up Lindsay Wilson?


drifand got it out first. Yeah, I think Linday Wilson has a real opportunity here. Use an Ohhira style double-knock mechanism for his body styles. It won’t be cheap… he’ll charge more than his current line up, but wow, talk about heirloom pencils.

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