This is Spartaaaaaaaaa!

Nope, it’ll be another 20 days or so.

Buyee caps shipments at ¥200,000, so I pretty much always try to blow ¥200,000 before shipping everything stateside.

This is why I agonize so much over open proxies—I know I’ll be spending a ton of time over the next 30 days scouring Mercari/YAJ and optimizing my purchases.

Edit: You’re probably asking about @Cummins07’s shipment, which is (obviously) far more interesting. I’m guessing it’s on the way.


Yeah, someone outbid me on the Gold Scepter this past weekend. It went for ¥52000.


I meant both of you. Can’t wait till you get your hands on it.


The dozen W’s is still in Japan. Went ahead and purchased the Gold Scepter as well. I won’t get to see both packages in person until I return home in a couple weeks (or months).


@Cummins07: Serially outbidding the rest of this forum :joy:

Seriously, though—some coordination with @nimrodd might have saved you some $$ on the Scepter. No sense bidding against friendlies (unless you really don’t care about the pesos).

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Interesting. I didn’t realize the P1025 was a double-knock. I think I have one of these, but with a corroded clip. It’s… OK. Build quality is lacking, when compared to every other all metal double-knock I own…