[tales from the front lines] As it turns out

Elton is the main guy who’s been outbidding me on non-Pentel pencils on YAJ.

Now seeing pencils I lost out on showing up on eBay.

Unbelievable :exploding_head:


showing up at double price, you mean. it could be observed with andrey also, but he had other sources as well. frustrating, but not forbidden …

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Wayyyyy beyond double price. Pilot Gimno set (cheapie ¥500 MP and BP) sold for ~¥2300, now listed on eBay for $75 + $12.

Thinking rationally about this, Elton must have “proven the concept” with other pieces, and now he’s motivated to buy up anything that’s hard to find so he can go profit hunting on eBay.

I’m guessing the pen + pencil sets do better than I imagined (personally, I try to avoid them).

Along the same lines….do we know who mtwritingco is on eBay?

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His name is Lee Hancock. I am not sure of his sources.


I bid on one of those sets, too :-/

As written, the concept is proven for a long time by Andrey. There was a bit of a turmoil, as he wanted 1000USD for Pilot Automatic 0.3 & 0.5 – today that would be a snip, of course …

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I asked him directly if he bought from Mercari or YAJ (mostly because I don’t think he does), but he never responded.