Red Pentel PA5: news to me

Sigh. I thought I had all the colors

That’s just the plum one with ZERO sun damage.

I say this because I really don’t think red exists.


Does anyone have an open proxy with access to Mercari? I would like to get hold of this one:


I would also be willing to take the hit for the team on the “Red” one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Try Buyee.

I have used Buyee several times, but right now, I have an open proxy with Neokyo. Unfortunately, they won’t purchase from Mercari, so I was hoping someone on here in the US had an open Buyee or other proxy that could make the purchase for me, and I would pay them.

I just went to buy both for you but they are sold. :disappointed:

Sorry! I bought them already.

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Let us know if it’s truly red.

I think it’s red.

Are you using Buyee? Because this came up, but it is not available on Buyee at this time.

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I’m waiting for that to become available to non-Japanese customers :crossed_fingers: