PS1045 Robbery 😖

Look at this listing—no mention of a crack in the shaft, but the damn thing is 100% cracked at the “P” in Pentel just above the joint between grip and barrel.

What a fucking gut punch. $100 wasted.

I wouldn’t pay $10 for a cracked H-5005.

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These are known to crack in that spot but I’m not seeing a crack in those photos. I’m probably just missing it on my phone.

The crack is not visible in any of those photos. They were all taken with great care to ensure the crack would not be evident.

As I said in the OP, the crack aligns with the “P” in Pentel, and that’s barely out of view in two of the pictures.

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Ohhhhh you’re saying you bought this and when you got it in there was a crack. Damn.

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I have one with the slightest crack. I believe I paid $20 for it.

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Thanks for the additional pain :pray:t6:

I’ve seen cracked 1045s and 1042s go for < $40, so this stinks.

It’ll be 50 years before I can sell this thing for $50.

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Ok, I wouldn’t sign that :wink:

I already heart several not so good experiences with this seller. I bought 2 or 3 items which were ok, however.

PS I bought a CdA pen tableau last week on ebay. The seller mentioned some damages at the sides (which was fine for me). In fact, the sides have the sticky rubber disease, so the thing will spoil pencils or my cupboard with sticky rubber and is basically unusable trash :-/ :-. I am thinking about my feedback at ebay.


He’s been selling off a large collection since summer 2021, and I’ve probably bought at least 10 pencils from him.

Never had a problem until now.

Completely unacceptable to me not to mention a crack. Of course, he wouldn’t have gotten ¥5000 if he’d mentioned that.

Yeah, that is not cool.

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