Pink P555? 1234

I have not seen a Pink P555 before. I know of black, light red and blue. Since the sticker is bleached out, it could be a sun damaged light red, but from the pictures, the color looks uniform.

I have a pink one. The sticker on it is perfect too. I’ll take a photo tomorrow.

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Heretofore, I thought the only 3 colors were pink, black, and sky blue…

Mind posting a picture of your red one? I’ve never seen a P555 that read anywhere close to “true red” (at least to me).

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Yea I don’t know of a red or even light red. They all seem pink with a bit of a salmon tint to them. I’d consider it pink.

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I only knew of 3 colors, and I have all 3. The only color that is in a known catalog is the Black in the Japanese 1980 catalog.

I am basing this off the picture on the auction. It looks very different in the photo from the light red that I have. I am attaching both photos here.

Photo of my 3 P555

Auction P555

It may just be a variation in the color of material that Pentel used on one or the other. Or, it could be a bad photo on the auction site, but it looks to be a different color to me.

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Because the red on the label is pretty much gone, I’m going with bleaching + washed out photo + small variance in the color. Some of my blue P555 vary in color slightly.

Please buy and confirm. :slight_smile:

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I am currently bidding on the Green PG1804 (Gen 2) -

If I have any funds left over, I will be trying for this. I would go with the sun bleaching as well, except that in the other photos on the site, the color appears uniform all the way around.

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I agree with @atxalais here—there were only 3 colors of the P555, and that pink one at auction is simply washed out due to years of sun exposure. (The corrosion on metal parts is also a dead giveaway for elemental exposure.)

Your original specimen is brilliant and appears to have been kept in a dark, reasonably dry place. The salmon/coral color is “real,” but the light pink seen in the auction specimen is not.

Beyond this, I can think of very few examples of OEMs producing “very close” colors on Showa Retro models.

Pentel has bucked this trend with modern re-prints of the Kerry and Smash, but if you consider only Showa Retro pieces, you’ll have a hard time finding a single pencil model coming in two colors that could be mistaken for one another.

This is the primary reason why I don’t play these “omg, is this a slightly new color variant?!?” games.

I’ve never bought a lottery ticket before but with this being the first time @pearsonified has ever agreed with me on anything may change that.



Here’s one of my pink ones…

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