Pink P115s? How did we all miss this?

Click for extreme FOMO :pensive:

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Sigh. For my own sanity, I’m going with these grips are faded red or orange ones. Please.

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Welp. The description solves it.

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Sadly, I still want :pensive:

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Drop off some of your red or orange P115s and I’ll gladly sunburn them for you within 2 days.


I only have the base model and the all-black variant :pensive:

I just picked up a Silver w/Black Grip and a Black w/Green Grip.

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Was this the green-gripped one from the bulk lot (recently on YAJ)?

No, it was these two auctions:

I am watching this auction, for the Black/Blue Grip P115 & the Disney Mickey DP325

¥12,000 is a total oof, but it’s clear the competition for these is really heating up.

It is still WAY better than the P115 that has been on eBay for a while.

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I don’t even count those as legit. It’s the same Japanese sellers we see on Mercari and YAJ, but they have some basic formula for marking things up in American markets.

But even there, he is way outside the norm.

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I write off these kinds of sellers.

It’s like, bro, yes—the market is increasing.

But no—you’re not going to retire because you liquidated your shitty collection.