Pilot Protex — I may not be able to get this after all 😔

22 hours to go, and we’re already in Clown World

I’m gonna go ahead and set my astronomical max bid, but I don’t think it’ll last.

Good luck. I’m guessing your astronomical bid is not ¥184,001?


Protex was hyped by cytherean at reddit. I guess it takes several years to cool down the hunt for it. I had to think about your claim in the holy grail thread (reachable target) when I saw the auction intermediate result yesterday :smiley:

Edit: This sounds a bit negative about the reddit discussions … In fact, I was not aware about the special mechanism w/o cythereans presentation. So in general discussions are on the positive side.

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I set my astronomical bid yesterday (as a sniper bid).

It’s still in play; we’ll see if it holds up. Doesn’t look like cytherean’s reddit post has influenced anyone else yet :crossed_fingers:t6:

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My bid was ¥50,001 :pensive:

Oh my, 66kY, that’s nearly 500€. I would like to have a Protex, but it is for me kind of 2nd order holy grail, so this price is grossly over the top for me.