Pentel PG4 — What's going on here?

Silver cap instead of the trademark black on the 0.4mm version?

I’m guessing this is the earliest model, but I’ve never seen one like this before.

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I think it was just swapped and is also missing the black top knock.


So lame. Seeing a lot more incomplete or bastardized pencils recently.

I feel like the overall Trust Quotient has dropped a few points since the summer :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I agree. I’m only on the lookout for the Pentel Designer System IV when it comes to PGs.

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Apparently George had multiple Pentel catalogs. How can we get them? (cc: @nimrodd)

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He only had 1 physical catalog, and he gave me a physical printout copy of that along with a pdf of it. I also got all his Pentel pdf catalogs, and they are in the directory.


Yes, I recently bought an incomplete Colleen Jib by accident (pushknob missing). Maybe it was visible in the photo, but you had to look close or compare with other photos. The perspective was from front, so the “hole” on the back was not visible, and in the description it was not mentioned.

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Exact same situation here. So annoying!

I’ve also noticed a lot of nice pieces on Mercari with replacement caps, erasers, etc.